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How Repealing Obamacare Really Hurts In Kentucky, And The Political Price For The GOP

What would repealing the Affordable Care Act of cutting Medicaid mean for people in the red state of Kentucky, and would Mitch McConnell and the GOP face political consequences from their own voters if they succeeded in ending Obamacare? I teamed up with Kentucky public radio reporter Lisa Gillespie to find out in this piece for Kaiser Health News.

"Tricia Petrucci hasn’t quite reached the point where she regrets her vote for President Donald Trump. It would be understandable if she did, because Trump — and her senator, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) — are trying to curb the medical services that sustain her 11-year-old stepson, who battles severe cerebral palsy.

She is aware of the irony when she chats with her Louisville neighbor, Ann Pipes, a Democrat whose own son is 11 and struggles with a disability.

“Her and I have a lot of opposite views on things, and I tease her and we joke around, but I’m not sure if I am sorry about that yet,” Petrucci said of her vote."

Read the full story in The Daily Beast, here.

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